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From Osaka, Japan to you.

stonerwaffle asked: Why did you stop posting stuff? :(

Apologies Stonerwaffle, but I moved back to Toronto: The land of neck beards, fixies, and ironic vintage bolo ties. So… you know, I just kind of stopped. Without the daily cultural surprises of East-Asian life to inspire me, I decided to focus my creative energy elsewhere (mainly writing for local papers and pumping out desperately creative cover letters).

So yeah, that’s that. Who knows though, if you readers out there give me a good enough reason, I might just consider dusting off the old keyboard and posting again.

dustfingersdance asked: So, this is going to be really awkward. But i just wanted to tell you that, regarding the topic of the law which states that any person who insults the king will get arrested in Thailand, I don't think the King agree with it. He pretty much said so in a speech he gave six years ago. But he doesn't have the power to change it, he just pardons them afterwards. And really, I'm Thai, and I don't like the King because I was forced. I like him because he's done A LOT of great things for this country


Thanks for the message.

It’s nice to hear from some different perspectives every once in a while. I’m relieved that the King isn’t abusing his legal powers.

Nash Ang's Pyongyang Adventure

Lengthy article I wrote about Nash Ang’s bizarre experience at North Korea’s Pyongyang International Film Fest. Ang is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker and Filipino national living/studying in South Korea.

After an exhausting two-year campaign, the Obama’s have taken a much needed vacation. Here they are post reelection, looking regal on Japan’s highly respected Take2.

That’s right people, not only does tiny racist Japanese Obama possess oratory/political magic, but he can do actual magic too. Let’s hope he can use it in his second term to get past the gridlock in congress.

Or, at very least, turn Karl Rove into a rabbit.

the rabbit must be burned.

Spirits are running pretty high right now in Asia.

Yamagata Tweakster is disco magic.

Generally seen performing in rhinestone suits, with a troupe of amorous back-up dancers to canned background music, Yamagata is one of the most ridiculous and enjoyable acts in Seoul.

A few weeks ago I got the chance to see him perform for the Zandari festa (a SXSW-style two-day shindig in Hongdae), and I don’t think I’ve ever danced so hard at a live show. Best of all was when, during his final song, he ran out of the venue (headphone mic still attached) singing the chorus as the entire crowd followed him down the street. While the show’s audience jogged past confused pedestrians (all the while chanting in unison), Yamagata Tweakster was forever cemented in my mind as a rock god.

Check out the above video for “paejanbyoung cheolmo meonji ssayeo gazigo ilsa hootoe.”