So I Moved to Japan...

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From Osaka, Japan to you.

For Koreans, hiking is serious business. 

The trekking poles, the base-layers, the hiking boots with Nylon injection-molded arch shanks (that give you solid arch support and a natural forefoot flex!); their love of hiking paraphernalia is downright fetishistic.

Yesterday, I drove to Bukhan Mountain on the outskirts of Seoul to check out the autumn leaves and was amazed by the dedication people had to looking ‘the part’. Considering the locale however, maybe I shouldn’t have been.

While Koreans don’t have the same cultural obsession with autumn foliage as the Japanese, the mountain, with its dazzling collection of trails, was still pretty packed w/ walkers—the majority of whom were 60+. 

Check out my photos of peak season (above) and bask in its multicolored brilliance.

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